Karla Soto Mullins

Alternative Education Saved Me

Karla Soto Mullins was born and raised during her early childhood in Culiacan, Mexico, before immigrating to the US and settling with her Mom and seven siblings in Phoenix, Arizona. Living in a poverty stricken neighbor ”hood” in a house no bigger than a studio apartment with an outhouse, Karla overcame the many challenges and temptations of “youth at risk.” After veering down a path that lead to dropping out of school while having the capability to excel scholastically, she had the good fortune to turn her life around by attending Genesis Academy, an alternative charter school.

Through the care and nurturing of teachers and staff that want to see their students succeed in school and life, Karla rose to the top and graduated with her high school degree. Motivated by a newborn daughter, and with the help and guidance of Genesis Academy, Karla quickly found her way to the workforce where she started as a summer intern, and after 11 years left the company as a power trader for a Fortune 500 utility company to pursue her interests in natural medicine and herbs. Through the support of her wonderful husband and 3 beautiful daughters, she graduated with a degree in holistic medicine that she continues to integrate and practice in her life and family.

In 2012, Karla and her family set off on an adventure to Wenatchee, Washington, where her husband had an opportunity at the local utility company and Karla began to pursue other interests in holistic health, real estate and the lending business. Today, she has grown through this industry with experience in real estate, mortgage processing and loan origination, where she currently works with Cornerstone Lending, all while continuing her passion for plant medicine and natural healing.

Karla is truly a success story starting with the bare survival minimums in her early years, eventually saved by a charter school, which lead to an outstanding corporate career and a successful transition to carving out her own path in the mortgage lending business. While Karla doesn’t like to talk about her success, she takes every opportunity to talk about her wonderful daughters and their successes in cheer, dance, gymnastics, and school, but more importantly of their beautiful spirit. Karla has since relocated her Mom and brother, challenged by a stroke 10 years ago, to the Wenatchee area, and still finds time through her busy schedule to attend to their everyday needs. Karla has always had a passion and desire for caring and giving back to those in need, just as she needed so many years ago.