2019 TEDxWenatcheeED Presenter Submission

Thank you for your interest in TEDxWenatcheeED 2019.

We are curating for thinkers, doers, artists, and people with ideas about education.

Researched-based ideas are welcome as well as emerging talents in performing arts.

ED events are TEDx events where educators, students, administrators and others gather to discuss the future of education. ED events give people in educational communities an opportunity to spark discussion on the future of education, and share those ideas with the global community.

Talks cannot be commercial in nature. For example, authors ought not reference their book in their talks and corporate executives ought not to reference their company or products. The exception to this rule is a presentation showcasing an invention.

Self-nominations are welcome.  Applications accepted all year, but for consideration for the 2019 event, please submit by September 21st online at www.tedxwenatcheevalley.org or to tedxwenatcheevalley@gmail.com.

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